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The Elements

Discover the ancient wisdom and aromatic bliss with our Incense of the 5 Elements. Each pack is meticulously crafted to represent and balance the fundamental elements of Fire, Ether, Water, Air, and Earth. Elevate your spiritual practice, meditation, or simply create a serene environment with these divine scents. 

Strength - Fire

Newest Collection

The Elements

The exhilarating fragrance of Dragon's Blood ignites your strength and may provide protection.

Embracing Incense for Lifestyle, Meditation & Spirituality

Through these incense and smudge products, we aim to inspire moments of tranquility, connection, and inner growth. We invite you to join us on this beautiful journey and experience the transformative power of incense. Together, let's contribute to a world filled with peace, love, and positive change.

Herbal Kits

Unlock the transformative power of scent with our artisanal incense gift boxes. Handcrafted with care, each box offers abundant hours of burning time, allowing you to immerse yourself in the scents that resonate with your soul's deepest desires.


Experience Gaia

The magic of this smoke lies in its unique blend of fragrances. From the exotic essence of black orchids to the sweetness of vanilla, the freshness of laurel and the revitalizing energy of eucalyptus, each component is combined to create an olfactory experience that transports you to a state of peace and tranquility.

Why Choose Us?

Experience artisanal incense, meticulously crafted with a blend of herbs, flowers, and resins sourced from diverse corners of the globe. Incense that offers a 60-minute burn time, allowing you to immerse yourself in the exquisite fragrances from around the world.

Herbal Incense Kits

Select the ideal gift box featuring extended burn duration.

Herbal Incense Kits

Select the ideal gift box featuring extended burn duration.

Energy Cleansing

Offering the ultimate variety of captivating scents and products from our collection.

A unique kit that combines the magic of herbs with the protective and energetic force. A door to balance, harmony, well-being and purification. Crafted with love and imbued with the power of nature, this kit is meticulously designed to draw you closer to the abundant energies of the universe.

This meticulously crafted kit includes

1 Orange Peel & Frankincense 10in Smudge Stick (multiple burns)

3 Layered 9in Sticks - Palo Santo, Myrrh, Frankincense (60min burn each stick)

3 Lavender Smudge Bombs (30 min burn each)

1 White Yagra Triangle (30 min burn)

1 Stone Burner

1 explanatory leaflet for guided experience 

Palo Santo

Burning Palo Santo offers a multitude of benefits for both mind and body. This sacred wood is renowned for its ability to purify and cleanse the surrounding energy, promoting a sense of calmness and tranquility. Its sweet and earthy aroma can help alleviate stress and anxiety, while also enhancing focus and mental clarity during meditation or spiritual practices. Additionally, Palo Santo is believed to have antimicrobial properties, making it a natural air purifier that can help reduce airborne bacteria and allergens. Embrace the transformative power of Palo Santo and elevate your space with its uplifting and purifying